Stella Maris

Olive oil.

Not just any Olive oil: Organically produced extra virgin olive oil from a farm situated on the edge of a Sardinian natural reserve by the sea.

Sounds good?

Tastes even better.

Stella Maris Olive Oil is only available online because there’s too little of it to supply on a bigger scale – and too much to consume ourselves.

Every harvest is unique and has a distinctive taste.

Our olive oil comes to you in heavy, dark glass bottles of 500 ml to keep it tasty and protect it from the sun’s rays.

The Stella Maris newsletter provides up-to-date information on the respective sales launch.

Organic seal
Produced according to the rules of organic farming and certified with the EU organic quality label “Euroleaf.”


The clean air, the sun and the sea – together with Francesco’s patience – are the most important ingredients for our olive oil.

Apart from the olives themselves, of course.

No pesticides, no exploitation, no hidden ingredients. Stella Maris Olive Oil is 100% made from carefully cold-pressed olives.

We’ve made a short film about Francesco and our harvest, accompanied by sunny music. 

And healthy.

Even without the hype around the “Mediterranean diet,” there’s a lot of goodness in olive oil: unsaturated fatty acids (good for the heart), antioxidants, polyphenols. Stella Maris Olive Oil comes from Sardinia, one of the world’s five “Blue Zones,” areas with an extraordinary long life expectancy and lower rates of chronic diseases.


We’ll notify you when there’s something to report: a new harvest, new sale, new ideas …